Self Portrait

Reflection: I choose this image because I always wanted to become like a gaming youtuber or a twitch streamer. When I first started playing video games I was like 8 years old and I thought games were fun and all, When I was 10 years old I was pretty good at video games for a ten year old and I just started playing video games for there. When I was eleven years old I say this gaming clan called faze clan and they were funny and they did gaming videos and I thought to myself I should do that, so I was playing video games a lot back then and tried to get videos. So when I was 13 I didn’t know how to publish the videos and I was doing research and I found out so I publish them and they barely got any views so I kept trying and I have clips of me doing good in call of duty but I didn’t post them because I didn’t believe in myself so I stopped. Right now, I’m still good at call of duty I still 1v1 my friends and I sill beat them and I been working hard, when the faze clan recruit people I’m going too post all my video clips on YouTube and hopefully people see them and they blow up and I join but if not I’m going to keep trying intill I join the faze clan or just join a popular clan.
What’s good about that the photo is that its black and white and the building in the background it just grabs my attention and I feel like that this is a really successful photo in my opinion.

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