File formats

JPEG: This mode is the best known of all image file formats, The JPEG files are compressed quickly in the camera


TIFF: It’s the most used industry standard file format, these file format required is a JPEG, the initial captured file would be TIFF


RAW: This are generally available on advanced compact cameras and DSLRs, It is the best option to get the absolute best file from your camera


DNG: Every camera these days uses a different proprietary format to capture raw files, This is an attempt to create a standard raw file format


PNG: PNG files are ideal for use on the internet, PNGs are that they are compressed in a lossless format


GIF: The files are ideal for use on the internet, and like PNGs they also offer the ability to maintain transparency


BMP: It was invented by Microsoft initially for use on the windows platform but is now recognized by programs on macs as well


PSD: The big advantage of PSD files are that it allows for manipulation on specific individual layers, rather than on the main image itself

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